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Vævernes Hus in Vestsjælland is a dynamic actor with a unique community of zealots and enthusiasts. We are a design company with a weaving school and an experimental Rug Studio.
Together with the association Weavers in Vestsjælland (Vævere I Vestsjælland), we initiate projects that convey knowledge about weaving. We develop and disseminate projects in close collaboration with local museums, national and Nordic partners.
We are interested in the old weaving craft and the endless design possibilities. We use almost-forgotten techniques in new and different ways and emphasize that our textiles have a new and vibrant expression that resonates in the present. At the same time, it is our deepest desire to pass on knowledge and craftsmanship to younger generations of textile enthusiasts, so that the young weavers can bring weaving safely into the future.

Vævernes Hus & Vævere I Vestsjælland

showing 4 exhibitions on

2nd-10th September 2023                             

At Kattrup Gods, Kattrupvej 22, 4450 Jyderup Zealand, Denmark                                                                                               

Open at 11-17 every day  

The 4 exhibitions: 

1) Weaving through 10 years

contents the 7 meter long “Kalundborg Crusader tapestry”, wall hangings, bedding textiles, etc.

made in 2013-2023    

2) Danske Tæpper / Sans & Samling

Danish Rugs/Sense & Gathering

includes 30 newly designed rugs in 30 different techniques and the film Sans & Samling, made in 2019-2022  

 3) Cushion Sculptures New form of pillow art 2022-2023. Result of collaboration between Vævere i Vestsjælland and 10 weaving associations

 4) Tapestry weavings

in mini format woven by Danish weavers in 2013-2023