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DANISH RUGS/ Sense & Collection



On 22-24 / 9 2022


in the Arena in Halmstad

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Listen to Nordic Weaving Network´s talks on Famous Nordic Weavers and contemporary Weaving projects on 22-24th Sept at 13.00-14.00

 On 23th Sept. at 13.30-13.50

“Danish Rugs / Sense & Collection” Gitte Karlshøj, weaver and designer,

Vævernes Hus, DK


Please contact Nordic Weaving Network at VÄV22 in Hall C

Sans & Samling

Sense & Collection

At Vævernes Hus our Cultural institution and Weaving studio (House of Weavers), 27 weavers are in the process of producing a unique rug collection including 30 rugs.

20 rugs are already finished and the last 10 are designed, developed and started on the rug looms.

We look forward to showing all new rugs in 2023.

In 2022, at VÄV22 we will show a selection of the collection in Halmstad. 




The rug collection is manufactured over the period 2019-2022. The collection consists of 30 rugs made using 30 different weaving techniques.

Vævernes Hus is responsible for design and development and the production of the rugs is carried out by 27 Danish weavers from all corners of Denmark.



Old weaving techniques have been transformed into newly designed rugs.

In the last 7 years, we have researched about 50 weaving techniques and have strived to transform them into rugs of superior quality We have also trained 13 weavers in rug weaving and taught about 250 weavers on our rug courses in recent years.


Supported by

Our efforts are supported by the Velux Foundation, P. Johansen’s Foundation of 1992, Grossier Foughts Foundation and Brand of 1848 Foundation.  


The Film

We are in the process of producing a film in collaboration with the Danish photographers and musicians, Kaspar Vig and Tor Laurens. The film will be shown together with the 30 rugs.  

The film shows the rugs exhibited alternatively in nature. It highlights everything it takes to produce the rugs: the sources of inspiration, the ideas, the techniques, the craft, the design process and the social weaving community.

See a short trailer from the film about Danish Rugs / Sense & Collection:

The film will be shown together with the 30 rugs.  


In Denmark, we have, or rather we have had, a rich tradition of rug weaving. The Danish weavers have been admired and valued as pioneers in Danish Design on an equal footing with furniture designers and architects. Not least in the period 1970-1995, when the association “Danske Ægte Tæpper”/”Danish Real Rugs” created rugs which made Denmark internationally famous for rug designs.

Unfortunately, that has changed. Most weavers from the days of the above mentioned association are now aging and many are no longer weaving. A generation of skilled and visionary weavers is moving away from the Danish weaving landscape. And with them, the large fine rug looms disappear – and worst of all, the specialist knowledge, skills and experience that is associated with the art of rug weaving.

With Danske Tæpper / Sans og Samling, with the special challenges and unusual way of working, we are attempting to recreate the interest in the Danish hand-woven rug before it all disappears. Our mission is to pass on knowledge and experience in solid form to the younger generations.

From there, it is up to the young weavers to make use of our knowledge, develop further on it all …… or start all over again.

Inspiration on Colors

The inspiration for the colors of the 30 rugs comes from the Danish plants. Mostly because these are the color scales we are love. The plants Rosehip, Rhubarb, Sloe, Seaweed and Kermesbær (inkberry) mark the collection’s 5 color scales. Each scale include 6 rug designs.

Inspiration of shape

The Bauhaus master Josef Alber’s color theory is also one of our significant sources of inspiration. Mostly because his color posters are great rug designs, both simple and strong. Of course, we have transformed the posters from paper to textile with woven structures and many changes and adaptations, so Josef Albers is no longer the “designer”. He only supplies the raw material for an idea.

The 30 rugs, with a modern look, correspond to our time and the life we ​​live today. One should be able to “taste” the rugs. The colours must be powerful and juicy, so that you can almost taste the sweet rose hips, the sour rhubarb, the tanned syrup and the salty seaweed. While in the case of the poisonous kermesbær, the rugs should preferably give an acid and tart sensation around the mouth.

As weavers and designers, we’ve had enough of the grey- black and white palette. In this rug collection, we have chosen a full color palette because we want to create a greater emotional response.    


The Rug collection Sans & Samling will be finished and ready for exhibition in the autumn of 2022. The plan is to show the collection at 5 different exhibition venues in Denmark. The 5 exhibition venues will be announced at a later date.

Courses, training and internships

Danske Tæpper/ Sans & Samling is a predominately a Rug Collection, but Danske Tæpper also contains other focus areas and aspects, in our efforts to inject more life into Danish rug weaving.

We have organized an education program that is supported by the Grosserer Foughts Foundation. The training program will include courses in rug weaving.

Courses are, of course, an essential way to spread knowledge, but we have also had 12 weavers as internees. The internships have been designed for weavers who have no previous experience in woven rugs and who wanted to be involved in the production of the 30 blankets. We have also offered internships for students at design schools and vocational colleges in recent years. With our educational efforts, we hope that more weavers, young and old, will start weaving rugs.


Who stands behind the project?

Project management and design: Gitte Karlshøj and Helle Kunde.

Design development: Annemarie Pedersen, Anne Jakobsen, Birte Thy, Helle Kunde and Gitte Karlshøj

Weavers: Birgitte Kullmann, Holte / Jytte Jensen, Sorø / John Aabeck, Holbæk, Pia Mogensen, Holbæk / Anne Svendsen, Nysted / Lene René Nielsen, Hasle / Anne Henningsen, Als / Johanne Jacobsen, Als, Lise Bjerglund, Ringsted / Hanne Jensen Holm, Jyderup / Sonja Hansen, Snertinge / Annette Dandanel Christensen, Holbæk, Karin Haldrup, Greve, Mette Lund Jørgensen, Skælskør / Susan Nygaard, Dianalund / Henriette Andersen, Skovlunde / Lisbeth Telling, Jyderup, Irene Wiborg, Kalundborg / Anne-Mette Lauritzen, Slangerup , Agnethe Nygaard, Holbæk / Mette Hunsdahl, Eskebjerg / Betina Baden, Strøgby Egede/Annemarie Pedersen, Odherred, Anne Jakobsen, Kalundborg/ Birte Thy, Kalundborg/ Helle Kunde, Hellerup/ Gitte Karlshøj /Kalundborg